Fellows & Life Members

The following Life Members, Fellows and Honorary Members have given outstanding service to ACHPER over many years and those awarded more recently continue to hold office or support the organisation at national and branch level.

Life members
Life Membership is the highest and most national prestigious award available to ACHPER members and nominations are considered by an Awards Committee of peers representing all Branches.
  • Ms Jo Anwin
  • Prof Chris Hickey
  • Miss Lorna McConchie (dec)
  • Dr Elaine Murphy, AM
  • Dr Brian Nettleton (dec)
  • Dr Frank Pyke (dec)
  • Dr Peter Reichenbach, OAM
  • Ms Tricia Robertson
  • Ms Lynne Sheehan
  • Assoc Prof Jeff Walkley
  • Ms Sandy Allen-Craig
  • Ms Janice Arney
  • Ms Camille Bradley
  • Dr Trent Brown
  • Dr Colin Davey
  • Mr Brian Dixon
  • Mr Neil Evans
  • Ms Helen Fraser
  • Mr Peter Fryar
  • Mr Ian Gittus
  • Ms Margaret Horton
  • Dr Judy Ann Jones
  • Mr John Kilpatrick
  • Mr Norman Lacy
  • Dr David Lawson
  • Ms Naomi Lind
  • Assoc Prof Amanda Mooney
  • Mr Tom Mann (dec)
  • Ms Anne Morgan
  • Mrs Merlyne Nagle (dec)
  • Ms Patricia Nagle
  • Mr David Parkin OAM
  • Mr Garry Powell
  • Ms Wendy Powson
  • Assoc. Prof John Quay
  • Dr Michael Reynolds
  • Mr Brian Safe (dec)
  • Mr Roy Sandstrom
  • Mr Dennis Stanton
  • Mr Brendan Smith
  • Mr David Smyth
  • Dr Peter Swan
  • Dr Richard Tinning
  • Mr Bill Walker
  • Mr Peter Wright
  • Miss Betty Walpole (dec)
Fellows (other branches now residing in Victoria) 
  • Dr John Saunders (QLD) 
  • Mr Andrew Whittaker (NSW) 
Honorary Members 
  • Dr C. H. Hembrow 
  • Mrs Belinda Utassy
Honour Awards 
  • Mr Stephen Elder
  • Mr Stephen Moneghetti
  • Mr Tom Reynolds
Honorary Solicitor 
  • Ms Patricia Nagle

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