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2022 Teaching Primary PE: Back to Basics 22PB2B
NEW YEAR, NEW CHANGE, NEW IDEAS. Change is the heartbeat of growth and the theme of our first Primary workshop for 2022. Whether you are new graduate, new to teaching PE, or an experienced PE teacher looking for fresh ideas and new connections, our brand new workshop for 2022 is your opportunity to grow!

When: February 18, 2022
Where: Bundoora, VIC
2022 VCE® Conference 22VCON
This one-day conference is specifically for VCE® teachers. Learn from some of Victoria’s leading teachers and academics to build your capacity for delivering strong student outcomes.

When: March 4, 2022
Where: Bundoora, VIC
2022 FMS and Game Sense Workshop 22F10FMSG
How confident are you with teaching the movement sequence of each skill equipped with activities to develop your students? Are you looking to implement a game sense approach and want some support on where to start and how to develop?

When: March 17, 2022
Where: Bundoora, VIC